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NATO Straps


For sport and diving watches. Size: from 18 to 24mm. Many colors to match with your watch ! Made in Europe, original brand and design.


  • NATO 18MM
    <p><span style="color:#000000;">Original NATO Straps 18mm. For small or vintage watches.</span></p>
  • NATO 20mm Watchstraps
    <h3><span style="color:#000000;">ORIGINAL NATO Straps 20mm </span></h3> <p><span style="color:#000000;">For vintage or modern watch. Special size for ROLEX and Omega Speedmaster watch. The right color for the right watch! Match colors with your watch!</span></p>
  • NATO 22mm Watchstrap
    <h3><span style="color:#000000;">ORIGINAL NATO Straps 22mm</span></h3> <p><span style="color:#000000;">For all sport or diving watch. Match colors with your watch!</span></p>
  • NATO 24mm Watchstraps
    <h3><span style="color:#000000;">ORIGINAL NATO Straps 24mm</span></h3> <p><span style="color:#000000;">For large watch like Panerai... Match colors with your lifestyle...</span></p>
  • NATO Straps 19 and 21mm
    <p>Original NATO STRAPS special size 19 and 21mm width.</p>
  • NATO strap for Smart...
    <p>NATO Straps for smart watch in 2 parts to keep link between watch and skin.</p>

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