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Watchwinder ASTRO Rapport London WHITE
Watchwinder ASTRO Rapport London WHITE

Watchwinder ASTRO Rapport London WHITE

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Watchwinder Rapport London ASTRO BLACK comes in a high gloss finish. The case is precision constructed in wood, has rubber side clips and is fully adjustable to accept any size and style of watchstrap. The frequency and speed of rotation are important factors the ASTRO range has addressed in ensuring the precision workings of your watch are correctly maintained. Suitable for the majority of prestige automatic watches on the market today.

Extended Warranty 3 years
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The case is precision constructed in wood, finely finished with several lacquer coats. The watch carrier is covered in black leather, has rubber side clips and is fully adjustable to accept any size and style of watchstrap.

Adjustable pad: The watch carrier allows the fitting of virtually any size watch strap, leather or link bracelet.

Electricity supply: The motor mechanism runs virtually silent, on a safe low voltage which is provided by batteries (4x LR-14) or by the DC adapter supplied. A LED light is provided on each model to indicate that power is on and/or battery life.

  • Guarantee: 3 years
  • Size: w 170 x h 190 x d 170 mm
  • Available in stock

An additional advantage of the Optima drive is that, every time the drum comes to a standstill, the watch remains in the vertical position (providing it has been mounted in that way). These ranges also incorporate the next generation of technology in watch wider mechanisms - they can be set to revolve in one direction only (clockwise or anti-clockwise) or in a combination of both directions.

For details on rotations and programming, see below.


With the watch installed and the power supply connected, the winder is ready to use. There are two sliding switches in the control panel.

This controls the direction of rotation which can be Clockwise only, Anti-clockwise only or Bi-directional, that is alternating clockwise and anti-clockwise. Most watches can be wound in both rotating directions. Some special watches may only be charged in a single direction. It is recommended that the bi-directional operation be used. If the watch is not being charged effectively then try both single rotation directions to find out if operating in one direction is more effective than the other. If in doubt please consult the watch manufacturer.

Turning the switch from OFF position will start the winder turning. The cup will first perform a short drill of two complete rotations. The cup always stops and pauses at a fixed angular position. When the cup pauses in the drill. You can adjust the angular position of the watch in the cup so that the watch dial is upright when it stops.

There are two modes of rotation:

This mode is normally used for display and demonstration purpose. When selected, the rotation is at a fixed two-minute cycle, turning for about one minute (4 turns) and pausing for the next minute and so on. The watch will be kept in a fully wound state. Total turns per day : 1440.

This is the operating mode to be normally used. The ingeniously designed programme provides two distinctive operating stages. In the first stage of operation, the cup rotates continuously for 2 hours (400 turns). This charges up the watch spring quickly. Normally a fully run down watch will become fully wound within 2 hours. You can switch off the winder and remove the watch for wearing anytime within these two hours, or you can leave the watch in the winder for continuous winding as the programme goes into the second stage of operation.

In the second stage the cup rotates intermittently, stopping for 3 hours between rotations that last half an hour each time (100 turns). This is a much lower strength of charging that avoids over winding yet keeping the watch continuously running in a ready-to-wear condition at all times. Total 700 turns per day (and +400 turns when the winder is switched on).

The LED flashes once every 5 seconds when the power is on. When an adaptor is used or when the power in the batteries is at no rmal level, the LED flashes in green. When the battery power is low, the LED flashes in red indicating that the batteries may run out in a matter of days. Batteries must be replaced as soon as possible.

Batteries should be removed from the compartment if they are not to be used. Clean the box from time to time using a slightly damp, soft cloth and occasionally polish with a liquid wax. Vacuum the cup and interior lining regularly


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